Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Two ambulances and a Blackcurrant smoothie

We`d borrowed a `smoothie maker` from a friend, and made some beautiful blackberry and banana smoothies.
Mum went up and had a long soak in the bath, with me hollering up the stairs every five minutes and on the strict instruction of keeping the door open.
It was a beautiful, sunny day . Mum came downstairs after her bath and we decided to sit in the garden and have a `sneaky`cigarette. When we had finished we came in and i noticed mum sway to the side. On closer inspection , her face had dropped to one side and she was unable to speak. She was ghostly white and collapsed in the chair. I got hold of her face and yelled "mum", "mum". No response. I dialled 999 and i don't know why but i just ran into the street. Ambulance on its way, i just fell into the arms of a neighbour, screaming "i cant do this anymore, just hold me". Well i have to say my neighbour was just wonderful. She held me and calmed me down and then tended to mum. I couldn't`t do anything, i just wanted to run. Gosh, that sounds awful, but that's what i wanted to do. Run away from cancer. The pain of seeing this happen to someone you love so much , someone who so does not deserve this, someone who never did anyone any wrong, someone who had had a terrible life. It was just unbearable.
Anyway, the ambulance arrived, followed closely by John, and then by Gord. They decided she needed to go to the hospital to be checked over. By this time , mum was coming round, no memory of what had happened.
On a lighter note , they tried to start the ambulance to no avail, and had to send for another one. Anyone driving past must have thought there was a terrible incident unfolding in my road!They also thought mum was vomitting blood, that is until i informed them about the blackcurrant smoothie!
John and i followed in the car. Gord went home.
On entering the A and E dept i was relieved to see mum sat up in a chair. They gave her a chest x-ray, which i am pleased to report was clear, and administered some fluids.
She felt much better. Again, no answers as to why it had happened. I tucked her up on the sofa and headed for a glass of wine.
That was probably the last `blip` mum had until after the wedding. Until the awful mood swings started.


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